The Positive Effects Of Soccer On Your Child’s Studies

The benefits of exercise and sports for your child’s health are well known, but what about their educational benefits? In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of a sport like soccer on your child’s learning ability and education. 

Fun Fact: Children who regularly participate in physical activity are more likely to succeed academically!

So let’s examine the link between sports and studying in more detail →

Exercise supports brain development and functionality

People of all ages can benefit from exercise, but children may need it more than anyone else. 

Several studies support this view by proving that physical activity protects neurons in the developing brain. These neurons are responsible for learning, memory, and higher thinking.

Another study from the University of Illinois in 2014 has established a link between better child fitness and improved language learning abilities. 

As part of the study, oxygen uptake during exercise was used to assess children’s fitness levels. 

As a result, the kids were able to comprehend language better and processed information faster than their less-fitter counterparts!

Furthermore, it has been shown that fitter children can allocate more brain resources to language and reading comprehension.

Physical activity improves classroom concentration

Additionally, short-term physical activity has also been shown to improve children’s ability to concentrate in the classroom. 

And that’s not all. 

Even parents have reported an increased inclination in their kids to finish their homework after participating in a sport. Here’s why. 

Increased heart rate and subsequent blood flow immediately aids short-term brain function. Neural brain scans on children found that neural activity in children is higher immediately after they’ve walked for 20 minutes compared to sitting for 20 minutes. 

Another explanation might be that it’s simply a case of kids burning off excess energy and excitement before they settle down on an activity that requires them to be still and calm.

Your kid enjoys Peer support and socialising

Sports are fun, friendly activities that may lead your child to attend school regularly and be more engaged. This is a more complex link than the physiological benefits of exercise on brain function but nonetheless, is important to establish.

Sporting activities like soccer foster peer engagement and connectedness, boost self-esteem and mood, and encourage kids to support one another physically and emotionally. 

Furthermore, regular exercise supports physical health in general, and healthy kids are less likely to be absent from school due to an illness. 

Playing Soccer is a natural exercise that boosts academic performance

With so much evidence pointing towards the benefits of exercise on children’s studies, it’s clear that getting your child involved in a sports club could do a world of good for their academic lives and physical health. 

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